President's Welcome

Madison Scarr

Dear fellow students,

To those of you returning, welcome back for another great year full of new memories and new successes. To those of you newly accepted, congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to the Ship Family. All of you have chosen a wonderful institution to begin your journey into higher education. 

Shippensburg University is full of possibilities for each and every student to grow as an individual. There are countless ways for you to get involved. Here at Shippensburg you will be able to either discover new interests or build upon existing ones. Our student groups that you have an opportunity to join range from the Chess Club to the Fencing Club to the History Club. These groups are a catalyst to building life-long friendships and connections. 

The student body is governed by the Student Senate; a group of elected individuals whose goals are to enhance each student’s college experience while attending Shippensburg University. As president, my goal is to unite the student body and to give everyone the assurance that we are here to serve you. As an organization, we allocate a $3.4 million budget to the student groups and athletics. We are here to listen to concerns and ideas, give support and most importantly be the voice of all students. Please come visit us in Cub 201 to learn what more we can do for you and how you can get involved with Student Senate. 

I leave you with a few pieces of advice from my time here so far:

  • Try new things; you never know what you can learn about yourself by leaving your comfort zone
  • Networking is key to being successful: it's not always about what you know, but also who you know. Take the time to connect with your advisor, professors and classmates for that new connection may lead to something great
  • Learn rather than memorize: it will be much easier when you enter the workforce to apply what you have learned rather than try to remember what you forgot 5 minutes after your exam
  • Take a break from the books: you are here to educate yourself and to get the most out of your courses, but make time for friends and extracurricular activities 

Your college years are irreplaceable and you will carry the memories you make here with you throughout your life. Make the most of every moment, experience new things, and strive for greatness. Like most, you may face challenging times throughout your education, but never forget we are all on this Ship together. That being said, sail forward and remember school’s not hard, it just takes time. 

My door is always open, so come by the office and share your thoughts on how we can better Shippensburg University.



Madison Scarr
Student Senate President 


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For additional information or to schedule an appointment with any Student Government member, please contact the office secretary at 717-477-1651, Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., by email or stop by our office located in CUB 201.