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The next public Senate meeting will be April 16, 2015 @ 4 p.m. in CUB 119


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For additional information or to schedule an appointment with any Student Senate member, please contact the office secretary at 717-477-1651, Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., by email  ljlaug@ship.edu or stop by our office located in CUB 201.

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President's Welcome

Nick J.


I hope you all have had a Homecoming weekend to remember! To begin with, I would like to say thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving you all as your Student Senate President. I am both honored and humbled to be elected to such a position by my fellow peers. I am a 21 year old senior from Philadelphia, PA, with a dual major in Human Communications & International studies, with a minor in Ethnic Studies. I was previously one of the two Student Senators of the Multi-Student Affairs office, and from my years as a student of SU this is what I have to say.

Our University serves as a prelude for what we will soon recognize as the “real world”. Shippensburg University is ours, and so what we do hear lays the ground work for whatever we will do upon our graduation. We are a community, and a community is a reflection of all of those who preside in it. So who are we as a campus? Only we can define that. As students of higher education, we are the future of the world, no matter what major or field we belong to, everything that will be, shall be determined by us. And so it is only right, that we began to write the future of our world, here at Shippensburg. Step out and try something new, speak to someone whom you never would have before, do something different and challenge the person who were when you first walked into you dorm room, whatever amount of time ago. But, more importantly we must do all of these things together.

There are many challenges that we are facing as a campus community, diversity, retention, a changing world, etc., but we cannot sit and wait for anyone, faculty or otherwise to fix them. We are always the change that we are looking for, as we are our greatest resource. It is all of our responsibility to make our institution a better place than it was when we got here. This in turn becomes a habit, one that we will take with us long after we leave here, and translate to how we will move post-graduation, in the broader society.

Please, come to your Student Senate. Bring with you your ideas and challenges. The Student Senate works for you, and without your input, we have no authenticity. Our doors are open to anyone and everyone, (and for those of you who don’t know where that is, it is the CUB room 201, don’t be afraid to swing by). We will do new things to reach out to you all, but in the meantime, seek out your senators, learn who represents you, let them know what is  on your mind.  We, as the Senate, will be taking new approaches on how to serve as well as communicate with you. None of these things will happen overnight, but nonetheless they will happen.  I look forward to working with you all!

Nicholas H. Johnson